We all know that the pharmacist is the world’s most accessible health care provider. Yes, no other health care provider grants the kind of access the pharmacists provide. 

You can speak or see a pharmacist as soon as you wish. Even now, as you are reading this, you are reading from a pharmacist. 

As soon as you realize you need to see one, you walk into a Pharmacy and demand the audience of a pharmacist, and you are shown one – immediately. We are cool like that.

Picture illustrating a visit to a pharmacy

But as we all know, things that are easy to access are unfortunately also easy to disregard. In this piece, I will show you some basic etiquette you should observe when visiting a pharmacist. 

Do not take a call when you are with your pharmacist.

After you have walked into his office, ensure nothing else distracts you—even your phone. Do not as much as ask if you should take your call. Because all pharmacists are nice and cool, they’ll kindly allow you to answer the call. But it is not an excellent habit. 

Do not walk into the pharmacist’s office taking calls. 

And this too. No matter how important and loving these calls could be, ensure you end all calls before asking to meet your pharmacist. 

Do not argue with your pharmacist; ask questions instead

There is that too. No matter how certain you are about a drug, a drug brand, or a disease condition, ask questions if the pharmacist is saying anything contrary to what you already know. Do not turn the session into an argument. 

Do not get a second opinion from another pharmacist

After consulting a pharmacist, do not consult another to know if the first pharmacist gave the right pills. You should adhere to the dispensed pill and return if there is no improvement. 

The reason you should not do this is simple – there are various drugs and medications. Usually, different pharmacists are used to different medicines, medication combinations, and brands. 

Hence they may prescribe two different medication combinations, and they will both work for the same disease condition. 

That will be all for today. I will put some more in subsequently. Have a great time with your next visit to a pharmacist.

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