Usually, you visit the pharmacy with your prescription just after seeing your doctor. But many times, because of the red tape involved in seeing a doctor, we often opt for the fast and easy process – the Pharmacist!

And the Nigerian factor has not helped matters. Many of us do not want to visit the hospital because of many ill beliefs that we think are associated with this place. Some say there are evil spirits lurking around hospitals, and you won’t come out the same when you enter the hospital. False. Not true. All lies!

But that’s not why we are here. We are here to discuss which you should visit and why. The short answer? Both!

I have seen many clients compare the pharmacy and hospital and mention their absolute preference for either. Well, do not do that!

The pharmacy is the most accessible health care facility, yet it is not to suffice and cover hospital visits. Yes, you read that right. I am a pharmacist, and I will emphasize that although the Pharmacist is relatively more accessible, yet the hospital has its place!

The pharmacy can serve many purposes and sometimes a referral center from which you get referred to either the laboratory or the hospital. But in a hospital, you get a comprehensive care. You also get 24-hour monitoring by a health professional. 

You get attended to by a team. At least, that’s what it ought to be. If, maybe, you visited a hospital and did not like the care you received, use a different hospital. 

Henceforth, as you walk into the pharmacy to make your refill or make a complaint, it is in your right to ask the Pharmacist if it is necessary to be referred to a hospital for proper management and monitoring. 

In light of all these, ensure to go to your Pharmacist when you are not disposed to visit a hospital. Do not engage in self-care or be referred to a drug by a relative or friend. 

The Pharmacist is accessible and fast, and many times, after visiting the Pharmacist, you do not require hospital care. But at the same time, the Pharmacist and the doctor work together to improve your health. They do not replace each other because their services are different!

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