Many people explain the white blood cells as soldiers in the body. Well, they are not wrong, but not entirely right!

When we compare them to just soldiers, we are not doing justice in explaining the roles of the white blood cells.

Think of the Ministry of Defense. Yes! – That embodies the Army, Air Force, and the Navy, how they rise to defend the country when an enemy makes any incursion through the nation’s borders. Think of when there is a small robbery in town. The police are sent to get it sorted out. And when there is a terror attack, the Army is sent. It means they all have their specified functions in defending the country and ensuring peace.

The Army have their roles, so also are the police. It is also necessary that the number of operatives sent to tackle the threats are enough to do their job. You can’t send a few policemen to handle a large number of armed criminals, just as you can’t send the police to do the work of the Army.

Everyone has a role!

That’s how the immune system works. They are not just soldiers. They are the embodiment of defense and security, just as it is in the case of the police, army, customs, vigilante, and what have you!

Everyone has its role.

And there will be a problem when special kinds of white blood cells are more than the others in large proportions. Hence, you must be wary of how you get them up and functional.

Having known all these let me show you how to naturally build these body defenses.

First, Exercises.

I know that’s already a cliché.

But not all exercises are good for building your white blood cells. The body cringes to stress. Hence any exercise that is more than just basic and moderate is a negative!

Do something brisk. Go for a walk – a fast walk for a moderate duration. Please don’t do it for too long (more than 45minutes). But as far as you can break a sweat, then it’s okay.

Second, Fruits

I guess it’s another cliché!

But be calm. These clichés have some twists to them.

Again, not all fruits are helpful in building the immune system. And you have to take them in the right quantity to get the desired effect.

For example, Oranges are perfect for immune building, but you must consume about nine oranges daily to get the right dose for your immune development.

Do you see? Randomly taking one orange fruit a day or the other will not suffice.

Another good example is Apple. An Apple a day is perfect for your immune health. If you can maintain this for 30-days, you can boast of a strong defense system.

Lastly, Good Sleep.

I know you have heard how you need to reduce your sleep to increase your productivity. But the fact remains that only those who are healthy can be productive.

There are no shortcuts to sleep. Sleeping 8-uninterrupted hours is best for your immune. Breaking your sleep will do just the opposite. When you sleep in bits, your body does not fully rest.

If you skip the time to sleep properly, it is better to remain active until you can get the time to sleep for 8-uninterrupted hours.

With these steps, I believe you resuscitate your immune system and help lead a healthy life.

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See you next week!

Pharm. Ezekiel Efeobhokhan

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