There are some persons, maybe you, who prefer injections to tablets.

And they think that injections confer more cure than tablets because of the pain they exert during administration. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Injections were not made to be more effective than tablets. I will give you a few reasons why injections were made.

Yes, when drugs are taken orally, some dissolve in the stomach and others in the small intestine. All of these then enter the blood to cure the infection or do whatever purpose the drug is meant to do.

The process for the dissolution and absorption of the drug takes maybe 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the state the drugs were made in (tablets, caplets or even Sustain Release).

But for injections, the drug goes straight to the blood and starts to work, bypassing the dissolution or absorption process.

Therefore, the drugs administered by injections only start acting earlier than those taken orally. There are generally no other benefits.

It is wrong for you to request injections from your doctor or pharmacist if you do not need them.

However, some special patients may require injections. These are those who are unconscious, are in shock, those who need emergency care, those who can otherwise not swallow, and in some special cases, where the drugs are only available in injections.

So, that’s that!

Next time you visit the hospital ensure you don’t force your doctor, pharmacist or nurse to give you injections, thinking that only injections work for you. It is not true.

Injections are made for special purposes; if you don’t fall into that category, you should not use them.

Thanks for coming in today.

We’ll see next week.

Pharm Ezekiel Efeobhokhan

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