Shocked? So am I.

Shisha is smoking a heated, specially prepared tobacco through a pipe. It is sometimes mixed with fruit or molasses sugar and flavours. it goes with other names such as hookah, narghile or goza.

When I first read the study on how beneficial it is to smoke Shisha, I did not believe it myself. And I know you are still doubting if this is true.

Well, keep doubting!

Before I tell you of this rare benefit of smoking Shisha, I will not fail to highlight the proven consequences of smoking it.

Shisha is everything terrible. Yes, you read that right. Everything is wrong with your lungs. They contain different substances like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), volatile aldehydes, CO, nitric oxide (NO), nicotine, furans and nanoparticles. And these substances are very harmful to your health.

If you doubt what I mean, you can pick any of those substances listed above and quickly search about them on google. 

A shisha smoker

The average shisha session lasts for up to 1hr, and with just this session, you have inhaled the amount of smoke from more than 100 cigarettes.

If smokers of regular cigarettes are liable to die young, Shisha smokers are liable to die very young. You quickly get addicted to tobacco when you use Shisha. And this cannot be easy to break.

You know that your uncle who constantly coughs like he is about to die – dry, hard and knuckle cough – you see how he still refuses to quit smoking. The problem is usually not village people but nicotine. And this is most very likely for shisha smokers.

Nicotine is addictive. And when inhaled in Shisha or smoke, it reaches the brain in 20 seconds. This makes it very addictive compared to cocaine, alcohol and opioids.

So, back to why we are here!

Rare benefits, right?

Well, after searching the internet and several journals. Shisha comes with an exceptional one and only benefit, and that’s – social acceptance.


It makes you look cool among your peers. And this gives you the feeling of being among.

Now that I have given you know all of these, you can choose if you prefer to be socially accepted and die very young or choose to live healthy.

It is within your jurisprudence to know if you want to get these rare benefits while also taking in all the adverse effects of smoking Shisha.

My advice? Take your health seriously and reach out for help from Shisha addiction.

See you next week.

Pharm. Ezekiel Efeobhokhan

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