The Ondo State Security Network(Amotekun) has nabbed a scavenger who attempted to kidnap an eight year old girl in Akure on Tuesday.

The suspect, whose name was not given by Amotekun, was paraded on Friday at the headquarters of the agency in Akure.

The scavengers are all over the nooks and crannies of the state, shouting “iron condemn” in a bid to get the attention of residents who have scraps to sell to them.

They also pick up any scraps they find along the ways, dustbins and dumping sights using large sacks.

Corps Commander of Amotekun, Adetunji Adeleye, while speaking to journalists, said that the suspected kidnapper hit the little girl with a charm and immediately tuck her in a sack and was about leaving before nemesis caught up with him.

He said the suspect pretended to be a scavenger picking rubbles, but luckily, the grandmother of the child heard the cry of the girl and when they looked round, they saw somebody already stepping away with the child inside the sack.

“So, when they raised the alarm, he attacked them with different objects including a burning firewood he picked from a woman cooking nearby, but they were able to quickly alert Amotekun operatives and he was arrested,” Mr Adeleye said.

“Upon interrogation, we discovered that he is actually a kidnapper and he confessed that he has been in the trade for a while. Investigation continues on his case before we would finally hand him over to the Court.

“We would like to know his sponsors, those who are his bosses, what he does with the previous ones he had successfully taken away before his arrest today.

“Luckily, the eight- year -old child is mentally okay and the grandmother, despite the degree of the injury she sustained from the firewood attack, is equally responding to treatment from our health facility.”

Mr Adeleye who is also the Special Adviser to the Governor on Security Matters, further admonished parents to keep an eye on their children anytime they are playing around.

“Majority of all these scavengers are armed robbers who come to survey premises and come to attack in the night, most of them are informants to kidnappers and armed robbers,” he noted.

“So we are seriously discouraging the scavengers within our society and I want to appeal to members of the public, to be more watchful and careful this times with their children

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t affect only children, they go with different types of charms, that at times, they even attack able-bodied adults who would just follow them unconsciously to anywhere.

“But today, the long arm of the law has caught up with this one and we will make sure diligent prosecution is carried out to serve as a deterrent to others who are into the trade.”

The victim’s father, Bose James, 30, explained that the incident occured in Tuesday, January 9, when he was outside washing his clothes while his mother was inside the house watching television.

“My little daughter who is eight years old came out, saying that she wanted to use the toilet and I asked her to go to the backyard to do that,” Mr James explained.

“Her incessant cries attracted my mother’s attention who went to the backyard and confirmed that an ‘Aboki’ whom we mistook for a scavenger had kidnapped and hidden her inside a sack.

“It was my mother’s shout for help that made me to check what was really going on and before I could get there, he had hit her with a heavy wood on her chest while she was struggling to rescue my child from him.

“The kidnapper continued to attack whoever attempted to rescue my child from the sack where he kept her, but I held on to him, preventing him from escaping.

“It was a bike man who saw the scene, that went to alert Amotekun Corps stationed at Maronu area of Araromi Road who swiftly arrived, rescued us and arrested the suspected kidnapper.”

Mr James commended officers of the Corps for their swift response which according to him, rescued all of them from the kidnapper.

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