Passengers plying the Akure -Benin Expressway were on Thursday stranded for several hours following a gridlock occasioned by the failure of parts of the road.

The gridlock started as early as 6.30am as heavy duty trucks snaked through the dilapidated roads, hindering traffic.

The spot where the hiccup started was at the Army checkpoint, between Molenge and Elegbeka.

The Army personnel had to deploy to the scene to help ease the burden, but it was a herculean task to get the heavy duty trucks to move away to the sides of the road for a free flow.

Commuters lamented the continued abandonment of the highway over a long period of time which has made it difficult to navigate.

The trafficaffic of heavy duty trucks had also increased due to poor state of alternative routes.

After a short clearance, smaller vehicles were diverted through a village which bypasses the expressway.

However, the muddy village road which had not seen heavy traffic ever, also posed a serious problem as the vehicles sank in the mud.

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