The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Monday, March 11, 2024, tendered more evidence against MICAD Project City Services Limited and James Nolan before Justice Obiora Egwuatu of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Abuja.

Micad Project City Services Limited and James Nolan are standing trial on a 20-count charge of obtaining by false pretense, non-compliance with the Money Laundering Act 2011 (as amended) and criminal conversion of proceeds of crime to the tune N151,394,328.00 (One Hundred and Fifty-one Million, Three Hundred and Ninety-four Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty-eight Naira).

At Monday’s court session,  Prosecution counsel, Bala Sanga informed the court that the EFCC has filed additional evidence before the court  on February 20, 2024  and defense counsel, Micheal Ajara confirmed  that they have been served the evidence.

To this end, Sanga presented the third prosecution witness, PW3, Nnedimma Irene Eyisi, a lawyer.  She told the court how James Nolan informed her that he needed to renew himself as the Director of MICAD.

“Sometime in 2016, my principal informed me that a client will give me a form to file, a CAC document. Later that day,  I received a call from a client who introduced himself as James Nolan, he informed me he needed to renew himself as the Director of the company.  I asked him to give me details about the directors of the company and he did.  I informed him I will prepare a CAC Form 7, so that the required directors will sign”, she said.

Narrating further,  she said, “a couple of weeks later, our Secretary informed me that I have some documents which contained CAC form 7 appointing James Nolan as the director, a consent letter accepting to be a director by James Nolan. On receiving these documents,  I proceeded to CAC and  after a couple of days,  I checked back and the application was approved. I made the necessary payment and submitted. I came back days later to collect the CTC of these documents. I packaged it and gave it out for dispatch, I call the client and informed him that the documents are ready”, she said.

The witness further informed the court that she could recognize the document on sight, adding that it bears the name of James Nolan.

Eyisi also said that she was invited by the EFCC in respect of the CAC form 7 and wrote a statement on August 31, 2021 which reflected her name. Sanga then applied to the court for the document to be admitted in evidence. The defense counsel did not object to the application.

Justice Egwuatu admitted the document in evidence and marked it as Exhibit J.

In the course of cross-examination, Eyisi confirmed that she dispatched the form for the company and the relevant directors  to sign adding that “CAC form 7 must return all signed and I submitted them all. All I know is that the documents were returned signed, by all directors and the new director.”

The judge thereafter adjourned the matter to March 12, 2024 for continuation of hearing.

 At the last session on January 18, 2024,  second prosecution counsel, PW2, Hussain Babangida informed the court how directors of Micad City Services Ltd absconded with about N39,450,224.23(Thirty Nine million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty Four Naira, Twenty Three kobo) owed as taxes to the Federal government using fake signatures

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