By Quadri Adefisoye

The former Commissioner for Finance in Ondo state, Wale Akinterinwa, claimed a couple of days ago that the late Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu anointed him to be his successor before the death of the legal luminary last year December.

Akinterinwa who is eyeing the coveted seat of the governor, made the claim recently while addressing his supporters in Akure, the state capital.

The unverifiable claim of the sacked commissioner has ignited a public conversation among political stakeholders in the state.

The controversy centres on the authenticity of the claim or otherwise.

Some viewed Akinterinwa’s claim as merely playing politics with the personality of the late Akeredolu, leveraging on the pretext that his claims cannot be verified.

Those who hold this view conclude that the former commissioner was out to deceitfully profit from the death of his former boss.

Added to this confusion is the fact that there are others who purvey other versions of late Akeredolu’s disposition to a succession plan. This school of thought completely disagree with Akeredolu’s proposition.

One of Akeredolu’s commissioners who was part of the cabinet dissolved by Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, bluntly declared said the late Akeredolu did not anoint anybody.

He added that contrary to Akinterinwa’s claim, the late governor, in one of the State Executive meetings, had warned the former Commissioner for Finance and others to stop dropping his name to enhance their governorship ambitions.

“The governor did not anoint anybody before his death. The governor always said that anybody who wants to be governor should go and sell himself or herself to members of the party, and that his desire was that the most popular aspirant emerge as the candidate of the APC,” the commissioner whose name will be kept anonymous for the purpose of this write up, said.

Yet, another member of the dissolved cabinet has been quoted as saying that Akinterinwa’s claim  was fraudulent and an attempt to resuscitate his comatose gubernatorial ambition.

In his words: “Wale is just trying to wake up his sleeping ambition. Aketi could not have anointed him.”

Some other leaders of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress( APC) have intervened in the conversations and all conclude that Mr Akinteriwa’s “Akeredolu-anointing” claim was forged.

“For a man who led a cabal that tormented the state and almost brought it to its kneels during the protracted ailment of the departed governor; and who sponsored and financed a fraudulent impeachment process that was stopped by the incorruptible Chief Judge of Ondo state to come up with this claim, is something to be worried about,” one of the APC leaders had said.

“The former commissioner of finance has not been able to explain to the people of Ondo state whether payment was effected on the approvals that were procured with alleged forged signatures of former Governor Akeredolu. His antecedents above are sufficient enough to unearth the spurious intention behind his self-professed claim.

“I understand that Wale has an ambition to become the governor of Ondo state. I also understand his dilemma, arising from the warning the former governor handed down to Wale in particular that he, Aketi, did not and wilĺ not anoint anybody in his cabinet to succeed him against the popular wish of the party.

“Before the death of Akeredolu, Akinterinwa’s only campaign strategy was to go around dropping the name of the then sick governor, as his successor. Now that the governor is late, Akinterinwa’s antic is to sustain his name-dropping strategy, as shown clearly by his recent claim that our departed governor anointed him on his sickbed. Akinterinwa’s claim is a mere face-saving strategy. Aketi never anointed him.”

The concerns on the minds of the politically minded at this juncture is why why Akinterinwa would have chosen this ignoble path.

The most plausible explanation is that he knows that there is no way anyone could ask the dead to confirm his claim.

It is therefore my opinion and submission that Akinteriwa’s claim and subtlety should be rejected wholly and vehemently. His claims and incredible and cannot represent the position of Aketi whose political style and disposition were known to all who knew him closely.

The machinations of Akinteriwa and his co-travellers to foist on the rest of us his candidature ahead of the coming governorship election are dead on arrival and should never be taken seriously by any serious minded and enlightened member of the state.

Let all with the right credentials come to arena to prove their mettle if they truly believe they have what it takes to run the show in the Alagbaka Government House.

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