A former Senior Special Assistant to the late Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, on Special Duties and Strategy, Dr Doyin Odebowale, has given insight into his escapades while working with his principal in the last seven years.

Dr Odebowale, who was a close confidant of the late governor, was seen on a viral video being interviewed on ObjecTV online, where he gave details of his stewardship as an aide to the late governor.

He was given explanations to allegations that the former governor was having an affair with a female aide in his government, saying that Governor Akeredolu was “not sleeping with anybody.”

He said Governor Akeredolu could be surrounded by many women but he would have nothing to do with them.

He said one day the governor asked him to drop off a very beautiful lady, but “I ‘colobi’ her,” Odebowale said-(the quote in Yoruba).

Dr Odebowale resigned his position following the death of Akeredolu after a prolonged battle with prostrate cancer.

Lucky Aiyedatiwa has since been sworn in as governor.

He said a certain female aide of the governor, who apparently was closed to Akeredolu, was leaking information of the governor’s health to Aiyedatiwa.

It will be recalled that in January 2023, the former First Lady, Betty Akeredolu cried out that one Bunmi Ademosun, who was her husband’s Special Adviser on Multilateral and Intergovernmental Affairs, was ferrying “concoction” to her husband on his sick bed.

Mrs Akeredolu alleged that the woman’s closeness to her husband was worsening his health, calling on the woman to leave her husband alone.

“Where is the woman now, She is with Lucky. What infuriated the First Lady at that time that she decided to misbehave was the fact that while this woman was pretending to be with Aketi, she was getting information about the state of health of Aketi and was ingratiating herself towards Lucky,” Odebowale said.

“She was seeing Lucky. She will not talk to Lucky in Akure, but they were seeing in Abuja. She was scheming to be Deputy Governor in case Aketi died.

“That was the genesis of the mistrust between Aketi and Lucky. Aketi never listened to anybody who spoke against Lucky. He will shut you down.”

He alleged that the woman was scheming to become Deputy Governor after the death of Akeredolu.

He said Akeredolu died of prostrate cancer and not leukaemia, as generally belief and reported in the media.

He also said the late governor mismanaged his health, as he would sit from “morning till night signing useless files from these people who are now talking about forgery.”

“Aketi mismanaged his health. The perfidy of many of his aides was unrivalled,” he further said.

“They won’t allow him rest, they won’t allow him sleep. He took ill and the next thing is when will he die? People started holding meetings against the man who never offended them. I will talk about Babajide once Aketi is buried.”

Mr. Odebowale said before the crisis, Mr Akeredolu would not listen to anybody who spoke against Mr Aiyedatiwa. “Aketi will shut you down,” he said.

He also described his former boss as a weakling because he would not call his wife to order in the matter relating to Ademosun.

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