Troubled by the recent turn of events within the Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, its national leaders have called for an urgent attempt to restore it to its core mandate.

This was the focus of the meeting of its leaders on Wednesday in Akure, hosted by its leader, Reuben Fasoranti.

The meeting admitted that the group has been fractured by some political events even though the group is not a political party.

The leaders lamented the current situation where the group no longer speak with one voice, blaming it on its deviation from its core mandate.

A committee was set up to ensure reconciliation of its members and reestablishing its focus.

Welcoming members to the meeting, Mr Fasoranti, who is now in his 90s, .noted that since he appointed my brother, Ayo Adebanjo and Oladipo Olaitan as acting
leader and deputy leader respectively about three years ago, Afenifere had gone through many challenges.

“In addition to these, a noticeable drift away from our core values of consultation,.brotherliness and camaraderie and traditional process of conducting the business of the
organization, upon which our collegial system of leadership is based, has been severely threatened,” he said.

“This threat has been further exacerbated by more recent events, culminating in a fracture of the traditional backbone of the organization.

“I am sorry to say, without mincing words, that our organization is in a sorry state and requires urgent restoration
effort to steer it away from the current trajectory.

“This wasn’t my vision or expectation
when I appointed the acting leader and deputy leader. And to say that I am sad and disappointed at the turn of events is an understatement.

” I am particularly disturbed because unless, we take urgent remedial action, the future looks very bleak and the necessary resources to revamp our organization are being depleted by the day.

” I have called you here.today therefore, as leaders and responsible members of this organization, to challenge.yourself to find a lasting solution to the current impasse. I implore you to engage frankly and honestly in the spirit of comradeship and mutual respect for which we are well known and upon which this organization is founded.

“With determination and commitment, I believe you are all able to find a solution that will propel Afenifere to greater heights. I wish you fruitful and successful deliberations.”

He afterwards appointed former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Olu Falae, to coordinate the deliberations.

Mr Falae is now traditional ruler(the Olu of Ilu Abo).

The fracture on the group was occasioned by members being partisan during the last presidential election.

Why majority of the group members, including Mr Fasoranti, favoured Bola Tinubu for President, the Acting Leader, Ayo Adebanjo and a few others backed Peter Obi and actually campaigned for him.

The development created a confusion leading to serious contentions between the two groups over their support for the two presidential candidates.

Although Mr Adebanjo was chided for taking decisions on behalf of the group without recourse to Mr Fasoranti, the Acting Leader had remained undaunted in his political views though at variance with those of majority of the members of the group.

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