A coup in Gabon has ended the regime of President Ali Bongo, following the steps of Burkina Faso and Niger where similar change of governments took place.

A group of senior Gabonese military officers appeared on television in the early hours of Wednesday and said they had taken power, after the state election body announced President Ali Bongo had won a third term.

Speaking on Gabon 24 tv, 12 soldiers said the election results were cancelled, all borders closed until further notice and state institutions dis

“We have decided to defend peace by putting an end to the current regime,” one of the soldiers said.

He said the reason for their intervention was due to “irresponsible, unpredictable governance resulting in a continuing deterioration in social cohesion that risks leading the country.”

President Bongo came to power when his father Omar died in 2009 and foiled a coup in 2019, a year after he was sidelined by stroke.

The transparency of Saturday’s poll had been called into question due to a lack of international observers, the suspension of some foreign broadcasts, and the authorities’ decision to cut internet service and impose a night-time curfew nationwide.

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