I speak from my mouth to you how grateful I am. I never knew I would ever be in this place. I remember the first time I started this journey, I had press conference , a press man asked me why don’t you start from House of Rep, why did you want to go to the Senate but you know he is one of those after my first term who came back and commended me, we are friends today, when I see him , we will shake hands.

God sustained me for three terms, from the 7th assembly, 8th assembly and 9th assembly and I am still confused myself how I have been able to continue this journey.

At the time , I even thought that let me retire and begin to face my family because serving the nation takes a lot of sacrifice and it starts with a sacrifice from your home, your children, even your better half. It takes a lot of sacrifice to want to give time to serve the nation. At the same it’s a great privilege for all of us that are here.

Over the years, we have made friends, brothers, sisters across our various tribes , ethnicity and religious divide. In this room we have entire Nigerians being represented and we were able to forge ahead, we were able to come together when we need to come together to make good decisions for the country and we did that as good elder statesmen and stateswomen

My thanks will go to my husband for even giving me the support …and he gives me little advice when I seek for it but he gave me the freedom to be myself and to be able to make the contributions I felt were necessary for our people especially the women and our youths and I believed that God almighty uses weak things to …. and one of those weak things God used to do exploit in this hallowed chamber.

I did all that was required of every legislator, motions, bills even some bills that are passed to law. I can only just be grateful to God for what he has done and for the people I met here even though we might not understand each other but we used to relate with each other with respect and I believed that we can build a nation that even our young ones will be proud of.

We have been blessed in this 9th assembly, when we look at us, it is not due to our cheerlock that we say that the president has passed through this place before, the vice president and also wife of the president and not only that , the Chief of Staff, the Deputy Chief of Staff and we also have deputy governors, a female , my colleague and my sister who is here today and what else can we say than God is good and we need to give so much to this nation.

This new administration beacons hope for this nation and for any one who does have hope you can’t even move ahead, this new administration beacons that and we need to make the necessary sacrifice which starts with the new 10 …. For me as a woman of faith, I believe it is double grace, number 10 will give us double grace and God will sustain us and I can only wish my colleagues.

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