A patient walked into the pharmacy to ask me about the type of food she will eat. She didn’t have diabetes or any disease condition requiring a change in diet.
She said she wasn’t just eating right!
It was that simple, and the next thing was to stop by a pharmacist!
And she was right to do so.

Being the most accessible healthcare professional, the pharmacist can guide you on the right path in almost everything concerning your health.

For the most part, where we are not very skillful, we’ll refer you to an expert.
Hence, I promptly referred her to a dietician, and all her questions were soon addressed.

We all have that throbbing question we want to ask somebody.
Whether it is related to health, mental stress, or even relationships, pharmacists can proffer guided solutions to these.
You can ask your pharmacist just about anything.

It could be about drugs you have taken in the past. Drugs you are about to take and drugs you may not even consume but are just inquisitive to know about.

The pharmacist is a trained drug lord. He knows just how that medication will work inside your body and all the reactions and side effects it will have on you.

So, it is absolutely healthy for you to ask your pharmacists any questions that relate to drugs.

And just as I have mentioned in the past, we are very accessible; hence you can walk in and speak to a pharmacist without any cost.

Just anything goes. Lifestyle, sexually transmitted diseases, habits, and all sorts of products and services directly or indirectly affect your health. Any questions in this area are good to ask your

Questions not to ask
Just because he is accessible and can readily address health-related questions, pharmacists should not be asked some questions.

Do not ask him on real estate, crypto, software or finance. Please do not ask your pharmacist on any other topic outside health except you have a prior knowledge that he is skilled on it. Just ensure you stick to questions relating to your health. Finally, ensure you show courtesy to the person you are referred to after you are referred.

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