Impeached Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Gboyega Aribisogan, has told his lawyers to continue the prosecution of the case against his removal on court.

This is against the appeal of the traditional rulers in the state who had on Monday, urged him to withdraw the case from the court to make a way for a peaceful resolution of the issues within the ruling. All Progressives Congress.

Mr Aribisogan was impeached recently under controversial circumstances and his rival, Olubunmi Adelugba, was elected in his place.

Mr Aribisogan’s election on November 15 was said to have been at variance with the position of the ruling party, which had directed that Mrs Adelugba be elected as Speaker of the house to replace the late Funminiyi Afuye.

The reasoning of the party was for the speakership to be retained in the southern senatorial zone where the late speaker hailed from.

But Mr Aribisogan and his supporters in the house disagreed with the party and rejected Mrs Adelugba during the election.

As soon as Mr Aribisogan was elected, the police took over the assembly complex and prevented the new leadership from sitting on the pretext that there were threats to the assembly.

His removal on November 21 was said have taken place at 6am and under the cover of armed policemen.

Although Mrs Adelugba asserts her speakership authority after her emergence, Mr Aribisogan claims he remained the Speaker since he was not properly removed.

Speaking on Adaba FM on Tuesday, Mr Aribisogan said the appeal by the traditional rulers was not sacrosanct as only the court of law could reverse his impeachment.

“I am not withdrawing the suit,” he said. “In fact I have met with my lawyers this morning and I have instructed them to go ahead.

“There is no going back. No retreat, mo surrender.

“If I withdraw the case from the court, what about the impeachment. It is only the court that can reverse that. Because with the impeachment, I will not be able to contest election in 10 years.”

The ousted Speaker said the traditional rulers did not say he must withdraw the suit, but said they only appealed to him.

He said his removal was a violation of the constitution as he was not given any chance to be heard, adding that the leaders of the party forgot that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria supercedes the party’s constitution.

However, the APC had maintained that
Mr Aribisogan’s impeachment flowed due process and was carried out according to the relevant laws.

This position has however been contested by seven legal luminaries from the state who had written to condemn the impeachment and called for the reinstatement of the ousted Speaker.

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