By Chima Christian

I took a detailed look at the voter registration data released by INEC covering its June 2021 — July 2022 Continuous Voter Registration Exercise.

Focusing solely on voter invalidation data, I thought I saw a pattern that was too difficult to ignore. So I compressed some of my findings in the attached infograph.

The Analysis

I became even more curious when I noticed that INEC did not provide sufficiently clear invalidation guidelines nor explanations for what I thought were too organised to be mere coincidences.

I might do a video to provide more details. For now, please lend your voice in seeking for explanations.

I don’t think the disparity witnessed in the geographic distribution of invalid registrations bother on competence. If we are to reduce it to incompetence, then it will mean that INEC in the North is more competent than INEC in the South.

That conclusion, in itself, will be tragic.

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