A pot belly or abdominal obesity is excess weight that develops over time around the centre of the body, also called visceral fat. It is a round, fat stomach which sticks out. It is also referred to as central obesity.

Many persons see a pot belly as an aesthetic feature. Others say it is a sign of good living. However way you feel about it, pot belly has some dire health implications. You must know these implications and and watch out to keep your belly flat and healthy.

First, naturally, the body is made to be flat. As you grow older and indulge in several eating habits, fat begin to accumulate in your abdominal region. This could predispose you to different medical conditions. Hence you have to be conscious about yourself and don’t let those fat stay!

This does not mean you must eliminate belly fat using surgical procedures or ingest those unproven herbal products. No. I am going to highlight some of the salient implications of having a pot belly and what it says about your health. All you need do is be wary of the list of things I will mention here. And you should be fine.

  • Your pot belly says you have inadequate diet. 

Ingesting a lot of junk food will lead to weight gain, accumulating excess fat in your belly. And if this junk food ingestion is accompanied with little or no physical activity, you should be ready to accommodate more fat in your stomach.

The main culprit here is physical inactivity. Try to get active. You may want to go for a work-out routinely to keep your body warm and sweaty. There are several indoor exercises you can do that can help you burn out those extra calories. For example, Skipping.

  • Pot belly says you consume lots of alcohol.

I know that not all those who consume alcohol have a pot belly and vice versa. But the fact remains that right from the ingestion of alcohol to its metabolism, it has been scientifically proven that alcohol leads to the accumulation of belly fat, which is why its colloquia term is ‘beer belly.’

  • Pot belly says you don’t have good quality sleep.

Sleep is essential in many ways. It helps to normalize several metabolic processes in the body. With poor sleeping habits, you are prone to get more weight – you consume more calories and gain more weight. 

Now that you know all of these, what should be your next step?

Be on a good diet, reduce or stop alcohol consumption and get good sleep. A night of good sleep is uninterrupted sleep from 10 pm to 5 am. The emphasis is uninterrupted.

Besides helping you maintain several metabolic processes, good sleep will help you relax, reduce stress, and ensure a strong immune system.

Pharm. Ezekiel Efeobhokhan

The Health Show Host

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