The Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) in Ekiti State has set up a committee to examine the manifestos of the governorship candidates of political parties participating in the June 18 governorship election.

The Congress says the scrutiny would help it decide which candidate would best suit the interest of its members before deciding whom among them to support.

Chairman of NLC, Olatunde Kolapo, said on Friday that the Congress was yet to take a decision on the candidates that would best protect workers.

This he said to deny the allegation by the Segun Oni group, which had accused the NLC of tilting towards the candidate of the All Progressives Candidate, Biodun Oyebanji.

The campaign had issued a statement saying NLC had commended the government of Kayode Fayemi on performance and had promised to vote Mr Oyebanji in appreciation for what the Governor had done.

Mr Oyebanji is the anointed candidate of Mr Fayemi, and he is getting all his support ahead of the coming election.

Mr Oni had warned the NLC to be careful not to politicise the civil service, arguing that its endorsement of the APC candidate was ill advised.

But Mr Kolapo, to the contrary, said the NLC had urged the government of Mr Fayemi to pay workers their outstanding salaries.

He said those raising the allegations were trying to force him into their political controversies.

“We are not supporting anybody right now,” he said. “What we have done is set up a manifesto committee that will look at what the candidates are offering and find out which one serves our interest,” he said.

“That is when we will know where to place our support.”

His said his statement to the state government was misconstrued, adding that he had demanded from the government the due payment of outstanding salaries and commended them for what it had done so far.

“The state government is still owing workers salary,” he further said.

“The government is owing local government, five months, core civil service, two months, subvented institutions, three months.”

He said it was not possible for him as an individual to rail road the NLC to vote for a particularly candidate, especially in a democracy.

Mr Oni had however, implored the civil servants, teachers, local government workers, pensioners, market women, artisans and students to protect their voter cards against those who would cunningly want to take them.

He said workers had suffered much under the present administration and a new SDP government would bring the needed care for workers.

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