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One person has died and 16 others rescued in a boat mishap in Lagos on Monday.

The boat named Temi 3 Global capsized while ferrying passengers from Marina to Ikorodu.

The Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority(NIWA), confirmed the incident in a statement on Monday evening.

The statement signed by the Lagos Area Manager, Sarat Braimah, said the boat capsized after colliding with a floating object near Adekunle waterfront.

“A 17-passenger boat named ‘TEMI 3 Global’ which departed CMS Ferry Terminal at 16:35 hours enroute Ikorodu Ferry Terminal on 27th September, 2021 was involved in an accident,” the statement read.

“Fifteen minutes into the journey near Adekunle Waterfront, the boat hit an underwater obstacle which broke the hull of the boat and this resulted to the capsizing of the boat.

“There were immediate mobilisation to the site of incident by the National Inland Waterways Authority Search and Rescue Team, Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA), Marine Police, fishermen and other boat operators leading to the rescue of 16 persons while one person died on the way to the hospital.

“We sincerely condole with the family of the deceased and pray for the soul of the dead to rest in perfect peace.”

In July this year, 18 passengers narrowed escaped drowning when a boat heading for Badagey capsized.

The boat reportedly stopped suddenly amid heavy rainfall and flooding midway into the journey after leaving the Five Cowries Terminal, Ikoyi.

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