The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has disclosed his plans to dedicate a day in celebrating the greatness of God tagged “Odun Olorun” or God Festival.

While speaking on the festival, the Oluwo said the festive session would be dedicated mainly to praising God.

The monarch, who is noted to be liberal, has also been known for his opposition secret society or confraternity.

He said the festival is a neutral gathering of people irrespective of religious and ethnic attachments purposely to acknowledge God for His guidance, protection, mercy, provisions, safety, stability, preservation and strengthen individual despite all challenges confronting the world.

“The Christians celebrate Christmas, Muslims are known for Eid El Kabir and Eid El Fitri,” the Oluwo said.

“As a mark of honour to God, and as a father to all cutting across ethnic and religious affiliations, and a monarch belonging to no secret society, I’ve dedicated a day to be tagged “Olodumare Festival, designed primarily to praise God for His protection, mercy, provisions, safety, stability, preservation and guidance over us.

“He alone has the exclusive power that spare our lives till now. He does the impossible. He created us from sand and gave us the power to rule over other creatures.

“I will continously promote God and never associate partner with HIM. I promote Him above everything. Idols and deities are making o men. I’m a commandant over deities.

“We have scheduled November 9th, 2021 for the pioneer edition of the annual event. Christians, Muslims and people of other attachment believing in only one God are invited to participate in the praise session.

“I want to praise the God I serve, the God you serve. HE is marvelous, awesome, amazing and a perfect master. As a monarch, I’m nothing. Only God is king. I’m just a physical representation of his name.

“I bow only to Him and forbid his rival, deities. Only God deserves to be praised most especially by monarchs. Associating partner with the God we represent is a monumental insult to the Creator. I must acknowledge Him. And it will be an annual event henceforth.

“The day is for praises alone. No asking for nothing and it’s also good to praise and acknowledge the maker and Creator of my exalted position. The one who counts me worthy and chooses me over others.”

Oba Akanbi at his ascension to the throne had issues with the leaders of the town over his stand against idol worship and ritual sacrifices.

He however managed to survive that turbulence and had continued to preach the supremacy of God as an African traditional ruler.

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