The National Association of Nigerian Students(NANS), has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to declare bandits kidnapping students in the Northern part of the country as terrorists.

The association reasoned that any group with the capacity to kidnap and kill the students in large number should be declared as a terrosrst group.

The students body had also resolved its factional crisis, which sprang up recently with the emergence of one Com. Abdumajid Oyeniyi splinter group, that opposed the leadership of the  National President, Com. Sunday Asefon.

Speaking with journalists in Ado Ekiti, on Sunday, Mr Asefon, lamented the lingering closure of schools in some parts of the North, espeially in Kaduna State, due to increasing wave of students’ abduction.

He said the NANS had met with a  frontline Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi on the worrisome situation, adding that the Islamic scholar had been told to tell the bandits to stay off public schools populated by children of the poor. 

“The Government should beef up security in schools. It is our belief that students should be going to schools with the assurance that they will be secured,” he said.

“I have called the federal government that they should  declare these bandits abducting students in the Northwest and North Central as terrorists,  but the reverse has been the case.

“I had  met with different stakeholders. I had been to Kaduna and several states in the Northwest and North central to plead that they should provide security.

“Though, the security formations are trying their best, but  their best  has failed us.

“They need to be more proactive. We want our youths to have access to education. Most of the schools are under lock and key as we speak. What is future of this country?

“We met with Sheikh Ahmed Gumi to help us appeal to them to stay away from public schools that are populated by the children of the poor. They should just leave our students alone and let them pursue their future.”

On the NANS’ factional crisis, Asefon, who was flanked by the former factional leader, Com.Oyeniyi and other NANS chieftains , revealed that the truce was brokered by the  Special Adviser  to Governor Kayode Fayemi  on Federal Matters, Makinde Araoye.

“Let me bring to your notice that we have resolved our factional crisis and it was at the instance of Mr. Makinde Araoye who called us and appealed that we should think of the larger interest, which are the students,” the NANS President said.

“With this, we have proved to the nation and  colleagues that truly that the youth of today have what it takes to lead themselves.

“After we suspended the June 12 proposed protest, a faction of NANS sprang up and we thought there was a. need for us to reunite ourselves, so that we can make progress. 

“We believe that it is in oneness that we can get better. It is our onerous task to  promote the unity and welfare of the Nigerian students.

“Mr Oyeniyi added that  he decided to embrace the Asefon-led executive in the interest of the Nigerian students, who they have sworn to lead.

The Federal Government had declared the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) a terror group, receiving knocks and kudos as a result.

While some believe that their Agitations of the group was genuine, others hold that the activities of the IPOB threaten the existence and unity of Nigeria.

The group was outlawed and security agencies went after its leader Nnamdi Kanu, who is now being tried for various alleged breaches.

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