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The Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico, Adejare Bello, has called on foreign investors not to be scared away by the negative reports they read about Nigeria.

He said, instead they should avail themselves of the investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Mr Bello, a former Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, made the call at the weekend in Mexico while being hosted to a lunch by a leading magazine in the country, Mundo Magazine.

According to a statement from the Ambassador’s Media office, Mr Bello said doing business in Nigeria would be of immense benefit to Nigerians and the nationals of the nation’s involved.

The Ambassador’s jurisdiction also extends to Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

“Nigeria is blessed with both human and material resources,” he said.

“It’s a safe haven for investment and investors. Investment opportunities abound in Nigeria. Besides, the market is huge due to our large population.”

The Mundo Magazine team was led by its Editor, Carmen Otero.

The event was also attended by Jose Luis Cortes, the President of the International Union of Architects.

Mr Bello added that investors could as well use the platform to be exporting to different countries of the world to the benefit of the people and the nations involved.

However, the Ambassador noted that though Nigeria has some challenges, it should not be a factor that will scare away well-meaning investors and other stakeholders that would want to transact one business or the other with the country.

“My appeal is that foreign investors willing to transact business with Nigeria should not be scared by the negative reports they read about Nigeria,” he noted.

“Most times, some of these reports are blown out of proportion. Though we have some challenges as a nation, these are however, surmountable.

“Besides,no country is insulated from challenges. It’s the shape and size that differ.”

Meanwhile, the former Speaker has enjoined Nigerians living abroad to shun negative tendencies capable of giving the country and its people, a bad image.

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