Oluwole Josiah

The Nigeria Police has instituted an inquiry into allegations made by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence(FBI), accusing Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, of being a co-conspirator in a multi-million-dollar fraud spearheaded by Ramon Abbas, aka, Hushpuppi.

The Instagram celebrity is being tried in the US for his involvement in a $1.1million money laundering fraud along with four others.

A version of Mr Abbas’ plea agreement filed on Tuesday outlines his role in the school-finance scheme, as well as several other cyber and business email compromised schemes that cumulatively caused more than $24million in losses.

Mr Abbas, a 37-year-old Nigerian national, pleaded guilty of the charges leveled against him on April 20.

He had reportedly disclosed during interrogation that he paid bribes to Mr Kyari to have one of his rivals arrested and jailed in Nigeria following a dispute over the said $1.1million dupe of a Qatari businessperson.

According to records available at the US Justice Department, Mr Abbas had asked Kyari to arrest and jail a fellow fraudster Kelly Chibuzor Vincent after both were locked in a dispute over how to share the $1.1million received from the Qatari businessperson.

Mr Vincent, it was reported, subsequently contacted the victim and informed them that they were being scammed by a syndicate involving him and Abbas.

Mr Abbas was said have been incensed by this and got Mr Kyari to arrest and jail his rival over the dispute. Abbas said Kyari sent pictures of Vincent in jail and subsequently sent his bank account number to Abbas to which a wire transfer was made having done a good job as sent by Abbas.

“According to the affidavit, Kyari is a highly decorated deputy commissioner of the Nigeria Police Force who is alleged to have arranged for Vincent to be arrested and jailed at Abbas’ behest, and then sent Abbas photographs of Vincent after his arrest. Kyari also allegedly sent Abbas bank account details for an account into which Abbas could deposit payment for Vincent’s arrest and imprisonment,” U.S. Justice department said in a statement.

Although Mr Kyari has denied the allegations, the Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, has ordered an “internal review” of the allegations.

A statement by the Force Public Relations Officer on Thursday said the pursuit reaffirms the commitment of the Nigeria Police to justice and the strengthening of its professional relationships with the FBI and other international partners.

“Sequel to the receipt of allegations and indictment processes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against one of the personnel of the Nigeria Police Force, DCP Abba Kyari, the Inspector General of Police IGP Usman Alkali Baba psc (+), NPM, fdc has ordered an internal review of the allegations,” the statement read.

“The Nigeria Police Force reaffirms its commitment to the pursuit of justice and the strengthening of its professional relationship with the FBI and other international partners.

“Further developments on this case will be communicated to members of the public accordingly.”

Further reports revealed that after the $1.1 million fraud was successful, Abbas spent $230,000 on a watch and also bribed officials at St. Kitts and Nevis for his citizenship of that island country.

Approximately $230,000 of the stolen funds allegedly were used to purchase a Richard Mille RM11-03 watch, which was hand delivered to Abbas in Dubai and subsequently appeared in Hushpuppi’s social media posts.

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