By Oluwole Josiah

The Ekiti State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party,(PDP), has criticised the Government of Governor Kayode Fayemi over the 260,000 capacity cemetery he commissioned last week.

The party said that what the citizens needed was more hospitals.

It said instead of a cemetery, the demand is life-saving projects that could prolong their lives.

The opposition party stated that with this, it was evident that the governor was providing enough burial spaces for the victims of his “bad policies.”

The 260,000 capacity cemetery, is the first public/ Private cemetery in Ekiti State, 

It was commissioned by Mr  Fayemi through the Environment Commissioner, Iyabo Okieimen, who represented him.

While reacting to the cemetery initiative, the PDP’s State PDP Publicity Secretary , Raphael Adeyanju said n Ado Ekiti on Sunday that the government wanted to  profit from the high mortality rate occasioned by insecurity and bad economic policy of  the APC controlled administration ,both at the state and the national level.

“We are not surprised that governor Fayemi has decided to make provision of  cemetery his  major priority since his administration is not interested in building good hospitals to promote sound  health for Ekiti,” he said.
 “This is a government that takes joy in taking food from the table of Ekiti people and watch them starve to death. “
The PDP spokesman while describing the APC government as “harbinger of sorrows and death,” recalled that workers in the services of the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti had met their untimely death because they were wrongly sacked by the administration.

He added that some teachers employed by the last PDP administration were also unjustly sacked while the subsequent recruitment exercise carried out by the APC government defied all sense of transparency and decency.

“Many innocent job applicants that bought their employment forms and pass through rigorous examination were not given employment letters even after passing the interview,” said Mr Adeyanji.

“Many of these could not survive the shock of double standard of the APC.

“We remember that this government relaunched its welfare program for the aged with great noise that brought nothing out. The school feeding program that was,launched by the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo is another fraudulent program of this administration.”          

Mr Adeyanju however said that the APC government had taught the electorates a bitter lesson never to sell their votes when next the party comes with money to buy votes. 

“This time around, the people will not trade off their mandates and no amount of intimidation and violence will work for the APC. Ekiti people know that the APC is a party that doesn’t believe in a free and fair election,” he added.
Bur MrsFakunle-Okieimen had submitted that the  initiative was to encourage private investors to invest their hard-earned monies in the state .

She said although it was a partnership between the state and the private sectors, it would largely be driven by private concerns.

She further said the initiative was aimed at discouraging people from burying heir dead at homes.

“With this investment by a private body, Ekiti  is no longer a rural setting. In USA, Britain and other European countries , you can’t just bury your dead at home,” she explained.

“Aside the fact that it causes ground water pollution, it devalues our buildings and reduces its aesthetic values.

“This is a public-private initiative, but will be driven largely by the private owners.”

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